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Mr. Terence Nirigut - Terence serves as the Country Director & Co-Founder for Genesis Communications (PNG) Limited. Terence is a Communications and Networking Engineer who graduated from Swinbourne University in Melbourne Australia and helped in building companies like Telikom PNG, Speed-cast and most recently Sprint Networks. Terrence experience has included working with Westpac Bank and Kina Bank in building their network systems including their Point to Point communications infrastructure and network. He has also been played vital roles in developing infrastructure for various corporate entities in Papua New Guinea and plays a vital role in Genesis Communications being our Country Director.

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Mr. Wesley Mitchell – Wesley currently serves as the head Field Engineer for Genesis Communications and the head technician for Lion Track Limited. Wesley graduated from Don Bosco Technical College and has helped build companies such as G4S Security, Guard Dog Security and Dalco. Wesley’s experience has included heading the installation of ATM alarm systems for BSP Bank around Papua New Guinea under Dalco and installation of VSAT Systems and Alarm Systems throughout Papua New Guinea with Gencom for various corporate clients. Wesley is currently Inner-range Systems qualified and has been trained out of Brisbane Australia in various system installations such as Bosch, Gallagher, Inner Ranger Systems, Patriot Systems and other Security and Communications Systems

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Mr. Roger Billet - Graduated with a Diploma in Information Technology from the Port Moresby Business College, is an IT technician with 5+ years' experience in computer systems administration and technical support. Experienced in hardware & software systems installation and administration, Roger also does network installation and management with a particular focus in Windows Operating Systems and technology. Roger started his IT career working with the Department for Community Development & Religion as an IT Support officer and has also worked for Curtain Bros (PNG) Ltd. Roger currently serves as the head of Technical Support for Lion Track and Genesis Communications.


Mr. Immanuel Brookbanks Brown Marat serves as the Co-Founder and Business Development Director of Genesis Communications (PNG) Limited with over 10 years business experience with Lion Heart International. Mr. Marat through his vision in expanding the Lion Heart brand created Genesis Communications (PNG) Limited which would in turn provide reliable communications services to Lion Heart International and other clients through out Papua New Guinea. With a Security Risk Management background and Education attained internationally, Immanuel has utilized his education and business know how in building Lion Heart International, Lion Track Limited and now Genesis Communications (PNG) Limited into operational companies in

Papua New Guinea and Australia. Mr. Marat serves Gencom out of Sydney, Australia

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