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We are registered with NICTA, The IPA, IRC and APNIC in order to deliver the following services below: 

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Broadband Connectivity
Internet connectivity is now crucial in allowing most enterprises to carry out their core functions even in remote sites. Fibre and communication cable cuts are much more common than imagined. Accidents, animals, natural disasters, vandalism and weather all cause communication blackouts for millions of people annually.
Companies and governments lose money every year due to inevitable short telecom network disruptions, bringing business to a standstill. Deloitte estimates that normally well-connected locations can lose up to 2% of their yearly revenue for every day without connectivity.
That’s where Gencom can be of service, by providing a secondary or primary high-speed internet connection via a small satellite dish. This very affordable on-demand, hot-backup package allows organisations, factories, and enterprise branches to quickly and automatically recover. They can continue with normal activities when their primary internet access is compromised.
Fibre Back-up Service
Fibre failure is common. Your whole network, wherever it goes, relies on constant mobile back haul and internet connections. A cut anywhere in the cable delivering your fiber service can be costly.
Using powerful satellite technology, Gencom provides inherently resilient Fibre Backup links to every site, no matter where it is in the network. Our satellite services are always on.
Ideal for large enterprises and businesses, government departments and emergency services, who need access to broadband internet 24/7 for critical communications and internet-based applications.
This service gives you secure, stable high-speed connectivity delivered over an easy-to-install satellite dish. And when your bandwidth is not needed for back up, we’ll work with you to develop a business solution to generate supplement income with this capacity.
Gencom offers Fibre Backup as a complimentary service which can be added to your Gencom network package.
In the event of a Fibre cut, Gencom Fibre Backup redirects your dedicated satellite bandwidth. Your remote sites continue to operate, but a small amount of capacity from each site is switched to a redundant dish at the Fibre landing station. It only requires a small CAPEX to place additional dishes at Fibre landing points.
Other Connectivity Services
Gencom is a satellite communication service that enables in-flight connectivity for internet access, voice calls, text messaging and high-speed data applications on board small to medium sized aircraft's. It is suitable for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft's as well as any other air platforms flying missions beyond line of sight.
Gencom enables applications requiring real time airborne data such as search and rescue (SAR),
ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), Tele-medicine, military operations, office-in-the-sky, remote data collection and border surveillance. Its unique capabilities allow Gencom to provide services to a wide range of market segments including government, military, enterprise and disaster relief.
Gencom also provides the following solutions:
- Wireless Fibre Link 
- VoIP
- Satellite Phone Services
- Cloud based Solutions
- Data Center Solutions
- Network Security (Firewalls)
- Network Construction
- General ICT  & Connectivity Solutions
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